Seo Basics part 1

Search engine optimization, the basics.

Search engine optimization is actually an incredibly easy thing that over the years has become rocket science. If you believe everything that is said online you will see that no matter what you do Google is against you and that is simply not the case. Google has set up very strict rules, but all that does is stop spammers from taking over the Internet. To keep things simple I have broken down Seo into three basic steps.

The first two things you absolutely need to start with when beginning any new website or Seo campaign is traffic and social media. That may sound counterproductive because I know most people are doing Seo to get traffic but hear me out. When starting a new blog or website for your company or product it is important to build a following so when you do put out great information people can actually see it. The best places to do that are Facebook, twitter, and tumblr. Let’s go over the basics on how to use all three.

Let’s start with the basics of Facebook marketing. Facebook marketing, at first, can be complicated but over time you will find it is both easy and actually fun. My goal with Facebook marketing is to find people who are interested in my services or products and give them a ton of great information. When you do create great information on your topic go ahead and spend the five dollars and sponsor your post. Choosing the audience to sponsor to may take a bit of practice but when you get good at it and if the information is good you will see you’ll get a ton of likes and shares. When you begin to build a following feel free to ask them their opinion or questions they need answered. You may also find that the audience you build needs your service, it’s a win-win really.

Twitter is just a fickle beast in itself. The best way I have found to use twitter is to follow people in your industry with influence and simply put out good information. Now I know there are all kinds of techniques for growing on twitter, one example is following a ridiculous amount of people every day then un-following them if they don’t follow you back but I find that this technique simply doesn’t work for me. What works for me is putting out great information, putting it out often, and engaging with people who are also putting out great information in my industry.

And finally tumblr. With tumblr all you simply do is share great images, videos, or posts about your industry. The trick here is using the right tags. I have found the easiest way to find the right tags is by following the best in your industry and using their tags. You’ll be surprised how large of a following you can obtain simply by putting out good information and putting it in front of people who want to read that information.

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